• Time Management Training

Productivity through People Skills and Priorities Management

Stefanie Coleman Skorup helps organizations increase their productivity through fun, interactive programs filled with practical tools for managing our priorities and each other.

In today's economy, aren't we all trying to do more with less? To remain productive and relevant in this environment we must continuously focus on and improve the way we manage and address two of our most valuable resources, time and people. Educating our employees on communication skills and time management leads to increased productivity, better teamwork, improved results, and less stress.

Global and experienced…

Stefanie is a dynamic speaker and seasoned training professional who has delivered programs on these topics and more to her corporate, association, and seminar company clients in both public and on-site formats for more than 14 years. Over 900 audiences have enjoyed her unique presentation style, thorough topic knowledge, and practical, insightful tips. Her services include full- or half-day training sessions, keynotes, breakouts, webinars, and coaching.

Stefanie has spoken to very diverse groups of professionals in eight countries throughout North America, Europe, and Australia. Raised in two cultures, educated in three, and an avid traveler in her spare time, Stefanie is able to easily move among cultures and connect with people from a host of backgrounds. She has a native command of English and German and speaks French fluently.

Dynamic and engaging…

Stefanie-Coleman-Dyanamic-and-EngagingStefanie’s passion for her topics shines through in her polished, powerful, yet playful manner of engaging participants. Her high energy and enthusiasm are infectious. Believing that learning and laughter go hand-in-hand, she educates and entertains through a skillful blend of lecture, discussion, humor, examples, stories, and activities.

Stefanie's very real and genuine approach often turns even the most reluctant attendees into eager participants, and she’s not afraid to get personal. By openly sharing her own struggles with the training topics, Stefanie helps participants identify their issues and laugh at their faults while simultaneously sparking in them a desire to improve.